Quality and the environment

At DesCat we are very aware of and committed to the environment. All the materials that come into our plants are treated in such a way that they can be reintegrated into the productive cycle, favouring the sustainability of the system and ensuring the material is reused as prime material.

DesCat has certificates in quality and environmental management:

All the DesCat plants have waste management authorisations from the Waste Agency of Catalunya:

  • Artés Plant – E-800.02
  • La Serreta Plant – E-1284.11
  • Osona Plant – E-1028.08 / E-1207.10
  • Vallès Plant – T.316

Desferres Catalunya has a haulage code authorised by the Waste Agency of Catalunya (T-837) (T-316).

In addition, all the weighing systems in each of the plants have their own certificates, homologations and obligatory periodic controls.