Dismantling, Scrapping and Demolition

DesCat specialises in the dismantling, scrapping and demolition of all types of facilities (industrial, metallurgic, agricultural, fuel service stations, textile, etc), as well as valuing all recovered materials, undertaking final cleaning prior to delivery of the facility.

We specialise in the purchase of company assets resulting from the closure of same and from restructuring or dissolution procedures.

Apart from the recovery of scrap and metals, in those cases where the facilities to be scrapped include machinery in good condition, Desferres Catalunya also handles the sale of used machinery. For example, machinery, workshop tools, office furniture, deposits, shelving, vehicles, etc.

DesCat has its own resources with which to handle all types of dismantling, scrapping and demolition of equipment and facilities, travelling to where our clients need us.

The company works safely and professionally and has a team of specialist technicians with extensive experience in this field.

For companies that require dismantling, scrapping and demolition services, DesCat has the appropriate machinery for each job (wheel excavators with shears, pincers, hammers and clamps for concrete-iron, telescopic crane with basket, winch and blades, thermal shaft, welding equipment with circular saws and pincers for manual jobs, etc.)

DesCat also handles the management and valuation of materials resulting from the work undertaken, and of all types of waste, including dangerous waste.