Collection and transportation

DesCat, aware that each client has different needs and availability of space, offers personalised options for each collection of scrap and metals. To this end, the company has containers with capacities which range from 1 to 40 m3. Clients of Desferres Catalunya are thereby able to receive a flexible service, adequate for each situation.

DesCat guarantees its clients an efficient, fast and professional collection service thanks to a structured logistical approach. Depending on the needs of the client, urgent services can be provided the same day or within a maximum of 24 hours.

DesCat has various types of lorries for the collection of materials which, depending on the type of container and the scrap and metals storage system, could be:

  • Container lorry (hook).
  • Container lorry (chains).
  • Box lorry, crane and grapple with magnet.
  • Forklift truck with platform or box.
  • Trailer lorries.
  • Gondola type lorries for special transportation of large tonnage and volume.

DesCat has no minimum required amount for the collection of scrap.

An important detail in relation to the collection of materials is that Desferres Catalunya has lorries with certified scales in order to weigh the scrap and the metals at the time of their removal.